Monday, August 4, 2014

Best friends!

I want to thank Katie Taylor for allowing me to share some of her special images.

I am a dog lover and understand the connection of humans and their animals.  However, there is something really special in the relationship of a human and a horse. I was privileged to photograph this lovely lady and her horse, Phoenix as a surprise to her hubby for their anniversary. We met at Gables Run where she keeps her horse - and it was a perfect day. You can see in the images the connection Katie has with her horse.

 I love this image - the way Katie's dress falls, how she leans on her horse's neck - and his ears are perfect! Sometimes you can have a great images and the ears are back, not alert and forward. 

Beth Anderson walked out to the pasture to assist in the session - and what a great help she was.  Photographing horses can be challenging - and full of surprises.  I have had horses in the past chase me around the corral - trying to show me who was boss!  Not so with Phoenix, he had the best temperament - so gentle.  A tribute to Katie.

And his owner, Katie - a mother of three children - just look at her!  So beautiful - and just as beautiful on the inside. I had such a good time with her. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bridal session at Tryon Palace

 I always wanted to photograph a bridal session at Tryon Palace, it is such a beautiful venue and so much history there!  In May this year, it finally happened!!  One of my dear clients from Goldsboro has a daughter that wanted her bridal portraits created at the Palace.  I was thrilled and so the planning stage began.
And it took a LOT of planning - May was a pretty rainy month and we had to reschedule three times because of the weather.  But it was so worth it - Brooke looked so awesome - and the weather was perfect!

Our concierge was so helpful - we started in the stable - I love the contrast of the rustic interior and the elegance of Brooke's gown.

Then we started through the gardens, stopping along the way to capture images. So many great locations!

I have always loved this arbor pathway - and the lighting was just perfect for this image.

I love this in black and white!

 At 5:00 we entered the palace itself, and had access to the foyer and the floating staircase.  This images were a "must have" for our bride!

Now, back out to the gardens for a few more images before we lose the "sweet light". A perfect ending to an absolutely perfect session.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Gone Fishin' Special Event June 14th!

Our popular Gone Fishin' is coming up Saturday, June 14th!
Just look at this great scene.

Wonderful props - bamboo fishing poles, old time fishing basket - and frogs and turtles!

All this scenery in air-conditioned comfort of our studio......and no mosquitoes!

Give us a call 252-633-5558 
or email 
to reserve your time.

A deposit is required to hold your appointment so have your debit/credit card ready.  You can pick out your portraits right after
your session - or come back another day - just let me know!  I look forward to this event - lots of fun!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Here is the link to our Summer Newsletter - full of fun summer facts, activities and lots of specials for portraits!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sophie the bunny will be back!

Sophie had such a good time with the children that she has asked to come back after Easter!
On April 4 in New Bern and April 5 in Goldsboro she will be ready to have fun, fun, fun again!
Give me a call or send us a message to get your special appointment with Sophie!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Portraits with Sophie the Bunny

Getting ready for Easter!

Thursday, March 14 in Goldsboro, Sophie will be ready to help create some super Easter Portraits!
Then on Friday, March 15th she will be in our New Bern office.  She told me she is looking forward to some fun times with all the children.
Here is a picture of Sophie - she is so sweet!


Last week, we had some Little Models help us test out the scene in Goldsboro - and things are ready to go!
These guys are ready to go on the Easter Egg Hunt - aren't they adorable?
   Sophie's "stand in" with another cute little guy.
 Sophie says that if you don't have your Easter outfts ready now - just let her know - she is planning on coming back during Spring Break for a couple more days of photo fun!